Royal Air Force Locking

No 1 Radio School

Royal Air Force Locking

Opened as a training shool in 1937. No 1 Radio School moved from RAF Cranwell in 1950 to RAF Locking, but the apprentice training continued at RAF Cranwell as No 6 Radio School, untill 1952.

When RAF Yatesbury closed, it's Radio and Radar training schools transfered to RAF Locking.

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RAF Locking's schools for RADAR and RADIO, provided trade training for regular and national servicemen alike.

This site is for those men and women veterans who served in the communications and radar trades in the RAF who underwent a course of training here, or were on the permanant staff as instructors or administrative personel.

 RAF Locking was a very important training centre for many years, tens of thousands of servicemen and women passed through its portals and now it has not only gone, but slowly slipping from national memory. But it isn't too late!

Locking's  "Nodding Horror" Radar Type FPS6